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NostraCapital Review 2021 – The Game Changer (

I am sure that you have not seen a lot of traders praising a forex broker to an extent that they call it the game-changer. I know how hard it is becoming these days to land on a broker which is actually competent because of the scammers in the market but if you look hard, it isn’t entirely impossible. NostraCapital is one of the few brokers that are trusted worldwide by traders. I got to know about the website a few years back and since then I have seen my trade change. When I say it is a game-changer, I mean it. I have seen my trading get better by folds after joining this forum.

But just because something has helped me excel as a trader does not mean that it would be free of flaws and something that you should try without conducting thorough research. NostraCapital holds the potential to entirely change the trading scenario for you but you should look into it if it has the capability to cater to your trading needs. 

If you are wondering if this firm might be a fake one, let me tell you that this is one of the few firms which are all about serving the customers. I have observed this firm very closely and found nothing suspicious in this broker. While I was conducting my research, I asked almost anybody I met if they had heard anything bad about this broker and they all said that it might have some minor flaws but largely it is a well-reputed company. I do not want to go into details of how I carried out my research and what sources I consulted for gathering information. All I want to share is that it took me around 6 months to be fully convinced regarding the authenticity so yes.

NostraCapital has a lot of good and also some bad things about it which I will be talking about but let me tell you it is not necessary that my experience with these all would be the same as yours. This is because the trade you carry out must be different from mine and hence needs and demands are highly variable. This review will help you get a general idea regarding how the important stuff goes on here. Once you develop a basic understanding, you can carry out a detailed research and then see if the elements on your priority list are satisfactory or not. 

I will review the forum by categorizing it on the basis of ratings. These ratings are not a general opinion of the entire trading industry, in fact, these are how I have found them to be. You will find many traders disagreeing with me which will not invalidate opinion or word, in fact, it will show you how two traders working on one platform think differently about the same thing. So let’s start with the review and quickly see what NostraCapital has in store for all of you. 

5 Stars

  • I have found the security measures highly satisfactory and up to the mark. All these years I have been hearing news from different people who kept telling me how this and that brokerage firm stole hard-earned money from young and innocent traders but I haven’t heard any trader from NostraCapital make any such complaint. The firm has employed high technology computers and software to make sure its system remains immune to attacks.
  • The next thing is the interactive and engaging outlook of the website. This is something that counts a lot in the long run because of its usefulness when it comes to killing the monotony. The website has been very well designed, the graphics and the colours are very captivating. Apart from that the font sizes and styles are something that makes the website interesting and easy to use. I am happy that the website isn’t only pleasing to the eyes but also highly beginner-friendly along with being user friendly. In totality, the website has been designed in a great manner. It would have been great if they added more videos to it. 
  • If you go to the legal section at the bottom of the webpage you will see a document named Risk Disclosure Statement. This is to make sure that the clients are informed about all the risks that come into play as your trade. The section clearly states that the profession is all about risks and uncertainty. The speculative nature of the area makes the effects of small events more pronounced. I love how the broker has clearly stated that the company does not guarantee profits. You might be astonished to read this but this is an indication that the company is not a fake one that attracts customers by making baseless promises. Going through the Risk Disclosure Statement helped me gain trust in the broker. 

4 Stars

  • I have always been told and taught that a good forex firm is one that focuses a lot on the education of the traders that make use of the firm. The firm has introduced a very well laid out educational segment that comprises informative literature in the form of ebooks, Glossary, Assets Index and FAQs. Each one of these covers different points and talks about contemporary topics in a very comprehensive manner. I have been through all of these sections and I have found them great. 
  • The ebooks have attracted a lot of attention because of their diverse nature. I like how the company has attempted to target and satisfy all sorts of audiences in terms of their knowledge.
  •  The FAQ section is another great segment that helps traders save time. I like how they have been segregated into categories to make the process of finding them considerably easy. This approach is reflected by the way the designers have arranged the assets index and the glossary. I am satisfied with this part but the only thing which brings it to 4 Stars is the fact that the contents are not updated often and this is something that needs to be worked out. 
  • Next up is customer support. I have a firm belief that the structure of a successful firm rests on the foundations laid by a well developed and laid out customer support. A customer should be told again and again that the firm has got his/her back and that is the key to long term partnerships. I have been to brokers that had pathetic customer support and the individuals we’re not very well trained but I am glad this isn’t the case at NostraCapital. They make sure that the representatives are able to handle all parts of complaints and customers skillfully. The support staff can be reached out through multiple options such as phone, email, form submission and live chat. Unfortunately, I did not get to use the phone option ever because of its availability in limited areas. But I have been using the rest of these for a very long time and I am happy with the way they work. Live Chat has always been my favourite one. 

3 Stars

  • Availability of the website in a small number of languages is something that the consumers have been talking about a lot. Because we are in a habit of getting our complaints addressed fast, we all hope that this issue will be sorted soon. Although I have never felt my trading operations being hindered by this issue, I am emphasizing it only because this can be a great problem for someone who isn’t as comfortable with English. And I know some traders who actually struggle with it. I also want to say that once the website versions are made available, the option to switch should be somewhere near the top of the webpage. 
  • I agree how the basic account has been made very cheap and affordable for young traders but there are forums that allow the new traders to make use of fake money and get some experience before stepping into the speculative world formally. This is called a demo account. If this is not possible then the young ones should be allowed to trade for a small-time period on a trial basis because it isn’t fair that you let them into the complex area without teaching them the basics. The basic account doesn’t give them access to webinars and seminars which isn’t the best thing. I believe it is them who need such sessions the most. 


I have tried to describe all the important aspects of the broker in the review above and I hope that by now you must have had an idea about the forum. I have seen my trading improve a lot because here I am provided with an optimal working environment which is very rare to find online. If you are in search of a broker which not only focuses on your profits but also on your trading skills then this can be a great choice. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.