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Writing a Job Posting that Will Get Noticed on Job Posting Sites

Writing a Job Posting that Will Get Noticed on Job Posting Sites

Job posting sites launch every day soaking up the available candidate pool being one of the most popular sites on the internet.  But with hundreds of job boards, how can you get the attention of potential employees?  

What are important aspects of a job post that will get noticed once it is exhibited on a job posting site?  Get awesome ideas from these tips on creating a job posting that will make a potential candidate hit the ‘apply’ button. 

Doing the Job Post Right on Any Job Posting Site

Free job posting sites are always busy because they are filled with millions of job postings that job seekers scroll through.  If you want to catch the best big fish from a candidate pool, write better material that will make them stop at your job post.  Start with these ideas:

  • Create a Killer Job Title

You are job posting, right?  This is the most important part of your job posting that will catch the attention of a potential candidate as they scan through a number of job ads similar to yours on job posting sites.  

Include the name of the position, who the person reports to, and what section on the business the job fits in.  You may add one to three things that will make the job attractive to an applicant. 

Make it short and sweet by entailing some serious verbal imagery focusing on your target candidate.  If you don’t get this right, your big fish might just swim away and look for other job titles that are more attractive. 

  • Consider Adding an Emotive Introduction or Summary of the Job

Make it short and straight to the point.  It can be a single paragraph or bulleted points on the details that applicants will find most exciting about the job.  For the best employer job posting, this will lead applicants to get hooked into reading the whole job ad that you post on any job posting site.

For example, when writing job postings for entry level jobs, focus on keeping the candidate engaged without feeling overwhelmed.  Don’t make it about specific skills, but about who the candidate is as a person and what they’ll gain from starting their career with your company.  Remember that finding great candidates is not always about experience, but personality as well.

  • Tell the Story of Your Company

Highlight the company culture while simultaneously saying exactly what you want from a candidate.  If your candidate is interested, they’ll research about your company more on their own.  Information about your company will show if people will stick with you.  Use honest information that will make a candidate excited to work and stay with your company at first glance.

  • It Doesn’t Have to be LONG

Concise job postings on job posting sites are normally preferable.  Make your job post on any job posting site short and to the point.  Casual, but professional.  Just get the message across and focus on who you’re looking for.  You can post an attractive job ad with just two paragraphs that highlights everything you need from a candidate.

  • Provide a Bullet-Pointed Recap 

This section is a short recap of the top reasons someone should apply to your job so your applicant will be reminded why they should apply to you. Show each candidate how much they matter to you and how much you want them on your team, no matter the position.  When they feel your great company culture through your job posting, they will most likely hit that call to action ‘apply’ button.

Use Online Job Posting Sites to Target Specific Applicants

Job seekers get instant access to your well-written job post on hundreds of job posting sites on the internet.  There are a lot of free job posting boards that do not require registration or a credit card where you can quickly and simply post a job ad on.  Know what you’re looking for, write a job posting that will make your potential candidate hit the ‘apply’ button, and get the right person for the job.