From Monthly bill Gates at the stop of the previous century to John D. Rockefeller at the stop of the prior century from Rick Scott, founder of Columbia Well being Treatment, to AT&T: from Richard Branson and British Airways to Dan Peña and The Economical Moments from government, banking, coverage and each other aspect of globe commerce – to increase geometrically and stay about, litigation should be (prudently) utilized and mastered.

I will, as briefly as I can, memorialize the salient details of working with litigation as a enterprise software.

Now before I begin, I want it on the document, some 50% of my 30-12 months keep track of file of litigation has had almost nothing to do with successful money, i.e., a lot of lawsuits have been over basic principle, some were being to right a heinous incorrect these types of as slanderous remarks produced about me and some have been simply because an entity just required a excellent comeuppance and no one else would have the flag into battle.

I, like Don Quixote, have fought many a windmill.

As you’ve got read me talk and write about, when developing your ‘Dream Workforce,’ you want Large 5 accountants and a big nationwide or global organization of attorneys – the very best representation you can’t pay for!

As opposed to the accomplishment-oriented fees I mentor you to use when facilitating transactions, no law company will litigate at first on this foundation.

Maybe if your case is specially sturdy, they will do it on a contingency basis. Unfortunately, you will be employing, from time-to-time, litigation as a positioning device and your scenario might not be one thing you can seriously leverage.

A year or two in the past, remaining left with a pig-in-a-poke, I experienced to litigate a case possessing specious points at very best to assistance my preferred final result. Fortunately, our (my) clear lust for litigation was more robust than their wish to fight a tricky combat, so a moderately very good settlement was eventually arrived at.

Of program, in the course of this method my great attorneys endorsed us, advising our situation essential to be much stronger, etcetera. Even with fantastic attorneys, it is their career to convey to you the draw back pitfalls. All over again, what transpires is you are generally scared from pursuing your circumstance.

Good attorneys get so-so lawsuits. Wonderful attorneys can gain lawsuits in which you have small or no possibility to get.

Three of my favourite litigators over the yrs are Steve Susman and Cyrus Marter IV of Susman Godfrey in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle and Tim Harris of Charleston Revich & Williams in Los Angeles. All a few have dug me out of some fairly big black holes.

I’ve dealt with them 10 and 20 several years respectively. They are worth each penny they demand!

Our judicial technique functions, but we mature up currently being fearful of it. It really is way out of our convenience zone so we preclude ourselves from benefitting from it. Normally the price tag involved with it keeps us from applying it.

In point, I am now embroiled in litigation the place the ancillary players to the litigation have legal rights which are getting severely violated. A huge group of individuals could convey great stress to bear, but they are fearful mainly because of earlier poor experiences. They could get what they have earned but are not pursuing their ideal interests.

There are legal professionals who take on circumstances for humanitarian explanations, if the scenario warrants, in enterprise as effectively, i.e., massive major organizations taking edge of the process due to the fact of their size alone.

Why do you want to initiate the lawsuit so you are the plaintiff? As the plaintiff, you select the place and when the lawsuit is fought and probably in the end adjudicated.

This can be a huge advantage. And next, the plaintiff is permitted two closing arguments, that means you (your lawyer) gets to tackle the decide and/or jury as soon as and then again soon after the defendants’ closing argument. This can also be extremely important.

26 Unbreakable Policies of Litigation


#2 Select THE Location


#4 HAVE THE Very best Representation

#5 Listen TO YOUR Coronary heart

#6 Will not Hear TO YOUR Unwell Stomach WHEN You happen to be OUT OF YOUR Comfort ZONE

#7 Do not Pay attention TO Family, Good friends, ET AL

#8 Listen TO Knowledgeable LITIGANTS – LIKE ME!

#9 Frequently Talking, You should not Be concerned ABOUT THE Price tag (THIS IS Extremely Really hard!)

#10 Significant LAWSUITS ARE Improved THAN Tiny Types


#12 Preparation (YOURS) IS Almost everything – KNOW THE Info


#14 IF YOU ARE Considering OF A Superior Technique, GET A NEW Law firm (NOT Correct IN MY Case)

#15 Under no circumstances GIVE UP

#16 Will not BE INTIMIDATED BY THE Approach


#18 Dress Uncomplicated AND CONSERVATIVELY IN Court docket – NO Jewellery Besides A Marriage BAND WHITE SHIRT, Simple TIE AND Dim Suit FOR Adult males AND THE Equal FOR Women of all ages Shorter GROOMED HAIR FOR Males

#19 You should not Reduce YOUR Mood IN Courtroom – It is Okay TO CRY IF It is Serious

#20 HAVE YOUR Wife or husband IN THE Front ROW Just about every Working day. Young children ALSO IF Feasible. OTHER Family members Users IN Next ROW IS All right

#21 NO Estimates TO THE Push OTHER THAN ‘WE Believe that IN OUR Situation AND THAT IS WHY WE WENT TO COURT’. YOUR Words CAN Effortlessly BE TURNED Close to.

#22 WHEN YOU Split FOR LUNCH OR A RECESS, Try to remember Hardly ever Converse IN Public ABOUT THE Situation – YOU In no way KNOW WHO Could possibly OVERHEAR

#23 WHEN YOU Discover A Lawful Crew THAT WINS, Remain WITH THEM

#24 Constantly Notify THE Fact, NO Issue WHAT. THE Truth of the matter SHALL Established YOU Free.


#26 WHEN TESTIFYING IN A DEPOSITION/Trial, IF YOU Really don’t KNOW THE Solution, SAY YOU Will not KNOW THE Respond to

It really is a closed planet of top litigators. Almost all massive legislation firms have excellent to tremendous-excellent lawyers. All huge law firms will not have terrific litigators. You will not usually need to have a good law firm, but someday if you expand geometrically, you will.

Like any other job management, litigation will have to be managed. Sadly, like speech-offering, you develop into a fantastic litigant by going by a mastering curve.

I you should not signify you have to get associated in shedding efforts (like building bad speeches so following some time you make excellent speeches) to get in a situation to get in court docket. Massive legislation corporations will let you to get forward of the understanding curve.

The Quantum Leap methodology talks ad nauseam about following your desires. Daily life devoid of dreams is like a chicken with a broken wing – it can not fly. I wrote this e-newsletter mainly because at times you can expect to have to have litigation to comply with your dream.

Go out and kick some butt, and never allow traditional knowledge keep you from reaching your desire.

Conventional wisdom states Really don’t Litigate.

All significant-functionality people and the great organizations of the last 1 hundred many years did and do litigate as I compose this letter.

Really don’t litigate frivolously – but you should not be afraid to both.

To Your Quantum Leap,

Daniel S. Peña, Sr.

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