Engagement rings come in different shapes, colors, and designs. It’s hard to choose which one fits your partner best. We know that engagement events are one of the most important parts of a couple’s life since this is the moment when you propose to your future wife, and she says yes. One of the exciting parts of this event is when men hand the engagement ring to their partner and the best part is the reaction of the woman when she sees the engagement ring. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want to disappoint your partner, so we will be willing to help you get the engagement ring that your partner will surely cherish. Considering all the details that you want in an engagement ring is mind-blowing sometimes, that’s why here at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, Texas we create the best personalized semi mount diamond engagement rings

What is A Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Ring?

It is a ring where it has all the details in it, it was already made ready and all you have to do is to choose the center stone that you would want to have on your ring. From the word semi which means half, it, therefore, means that half of the ring is already made and it’s up to you to finalize by putting the center stones and its details and you already have an engagement ring made for your partner. 

Are there Variations on the Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Ring?

Although they are semi mount engagement rings  it doesn’t mean it only comes in one design. They also come in different metals and settings of course. They are use in semi mount ring settings wholesale and retail 

We know that different customers want different rings too. 

Common Semi Mount Engagement Rings Styles 

  • Bezel 

This type has a thin metal strip that is hammered around a gem. This can be ideal if you want your stone to be secured since the center stone will not be protruding. It can lessen the spark of tour diamond but for women who love to use their hands, this type will be ideal. 

  • Channel Setting

For this setting, gemstones are placed edge to edge with no metal between them mounted on a metal wall. Shanks are thicker than the Bezel setting. 

  • Bead Setting

For this setting stones are set on  small holes then drilled on the metal.  The surrounding metal is pushed to put the gems in place. 

  • Pave Setting 

In this setting the small diamonds are placed close together in a honeycomb pattern. Each diamond is set on holes then drilled to metals to put them in place. 

  • Halo Setting 

In this setting numerous tiny diamonds are surrounding the center stone in a circular shape. This setting can make the center stone look larger. This type can usually be categorized to vintage semi mount rings.

4cs to Consider in Selecting the Center Stone


Cutting diamonds needs to be done by experts so you have to make sure the jewelry store has one. Decide on what shape you are going to put as the center stone of your Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Ring. Round shapes are ideal however we suggest getting a shape that is based on the preference of your partner since this can make her happier. Semi mounts for round diamonds are available on almost all stores 


Colorless diamonds are rare therefore choosing from other colors would be good if you can get a nearly colorless then that’s good. Just make sure the color for your diamond semi mount rings  is not too far from the stone surrounding it. 


The more flawless the better, clarity can affect the brilliance of a diamond so choose one that has fewer inclusions. Diamonds with fewer inclusions are also more durable 


The carat will depend on how big would you as the center stone would be and what cut you will prefer. You can ask your jeweler the right carat and size that fits the setting you will choose. 

Now that you are aware of the properties of diamonds and details of the Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Ring you can now start choosing your setting  and if you are asking where to buy semi mount rings you can choose from the stores near you . As simple as that you don’t have to exert effort from scrap. Start planning now and be read once you decide to propose 

anytime and be ready to see the happiness on your partner’s face as you hand her the ring! Make that proposal exciting by getting an engagement ring that your partner will surely love.