It makes me happy if I see young traders putting in the effort to make decisions. You should always be very careful about your choices, especially if they can have a huge impact on you in the days to come. This is one of the few Golden lessons that my trading life has taught me. I keep telling people who wish to know that if you want to accelerate the process of success then you need to put in all the research skills. If you are careful from the start then there is a very thin chance of you being trapped by the cunning minds that run fake forex firms. 

Forex, itself, is a very dry and complex area. You cannot expect everyone to do amazing in the field. It is not only business acumen that you need, in fact, but you also have to have the luck. With all the volatility and the growingly unpredictable nature of the business, the fake firms come rushing in to damage whatever is left behind. Amid such circumstances, the survival of traders has become very hard. I have noticed that the old traders can take help of the experience to sneak out of the cunningly laid out traps but the young and immature minds fail to see where they are heading.  There is no doubt how the conditions have become increasingly claustrophobic for traders but this does not mean that there is no hope that you excel in the area. I have seen many traders grow and earn millions and billions amid such situations. But for that, you need to be sure that all your decisions are very well thought out and you know how to get things done the right way. 

One of the decisions that have very far-reaching consequences on your career is selecting the right forex firm. This decision must lead you to a forex firm that complements your trading and helps you improve. The quicker you reach one, the better it is.  I have suffered a lot because initially, I lacked the ability to spot the honest brokers in a crowd of fake ones. However, my experiences gradually taught me and equipped me with all that I needed to pick the right one. Before that, I had already been tortured by around 3 fake firms. Trust me, you do not want to be scammed by these because they make sure you go back to the point you started or worst leave the profession. I have seen them destroy a ton of lives and families and we traders feel guilty about how it was our attitude that made space for these to grow to an extent that they haunt traders in the daytime. By writing this review I will not only try to give you insights into what a good broker looks like, but I will also try to show you how we can make the survival of fake firms hard and harder. 

I got to know about RosewoodTrust through a friend who had been forex trading for 12 years back then. He urged me to look into the forum when I had almost lost all my hope in this area. He said you would not regret it and now I know he meant it. RosewoodTrust has been no less than a life-changing experience for me. You can give a read to how I have found the broker and decide if this one suits your trading requirements. I am hoping that my review will help you find a direction and get on a path to success. So let’s have a quick look at what RosewoodTrust is to a trader. 

My Overall Experience

My overall experience with RosewoodTrust was great. I have found the broker highly competent and efficient in more or less all matters. All these years at this broker, I have felt good about my choice. I have been especially incredibly confident about the security of my assets. Before joining this one, I was always worried about losing my hard-earned money in a split second and never getting it back again, but RosewoodTrust took away all my worries. It is not only security, this forum equipped me with all the tools I needed to make well-researched decisions. The customer support services are also satisfactory. Although the broker never makes a compromise on providing quality mainstream services I have noticed a few flaws overall which should be addressed to make the service even better. I will try to review the broker in a comprehensive manner so you get an idea about most of the features. If you ask me I will give this firm a 4.7/5. I need to appreciate how the firm has put in constant effort to keep up with the international standards and provide high-quality services to the traders uninterruptedly. 

Distinguishing points in my opinion

I have already talked about how satisfied I have been with the offered security and I have an idea how much it takes to make sure that the security of the assets of hard-working traders is not a threat. If you get in touch with any trader who has been using this forum will tell you the same. I have never heard of anything suspicious nor have I seen something which should make me or my fellows alert. 

Apart from my security, my favourite thing about the forum is the one that sets this broker apart from the others. I am very happy with the trading environment that traders are provided with. Although saying that you get an optimal environment is easy, it takes a lot to provide and maintain the quality. With the ever-advancing technology that hackers use and with so many scams out there, even the best of forums are struggling with this. Another reason behind such services being rare is that a lot of things come together to get the customer satisfaction of this level. Some of these are

  • Opportunities to help traders diversify their portfolios
  • Offering high privacy levels to make sure all information remains safe
  • User-Friendly Website to make the working procedure even easy and 
  • A large number of account types to facilitate traders right according to trading needs
  • Access to the world’s largest markets help one make the maximum out of  a deal
  • High affordability to help aspiring traders and the ones low on budget
  • Let’s you trade anywhere and anytime 
  • Mobile trading facility to cuts the need to carry a laptop
  • No need to make external installations that protect from added threats
  • Access to ebooks that cover all contemporary and worth discussing topics
  • Glossary, Frequently Asked Questions and Asset index arranged in a time-saving manner
  • Live Chat to help you have a one on one conversation
  • Option to attach images to convey problems easily when sending feedback
  • Legal documents are clearly and specifically phrased  
  • Easy Registration Process
  • Feed back bar displaying what users think about the broker
  • Multiple options to make payments 
  • Kind and professional company administration
  • Well reputed in the market 
  • All account holders get access to the market review
  • The platform keeps updating software 
  • State of the are tools and instruments to facilitate you

Areas that need to be worked on

Although the firm has a lot to offer the traders who come on board, there are a few shortcomings that I have noticed throughout the journey. The first one is that although the website is amazing and highly user friendly, I feel like there are a lot of videos incorporated. Videos are a great way to make the website more engaging and interesting but excess of anything does not go well. This makes the website look a little cluttered and this needs to be worked on in my opinion. 

Apart from that, I am not a huge fan of the dark backdrop of the website. The dark blue colour tends to make working very hard because you need to put in a lot of effort to maintain attention. The entire trading is very dry and dull overall and in order to keep working well, a catchy website can be of great help. Although I like the rest of the theme, like the font styles and colours, in my opinion the dark backdrop needs to be made light or white. If these two things are improved then the website would also be great. 

Concluding Remarks

RosewoodTrust has been great for me so far. I like and am thankful to the management for providing us with good quality services. I have discussed above that the broker offers a good working experience but minor flaws are present which can make the entire process harder. I agree that they are very quick at solving issues and they will get these sorted out soon. I hope by now you have a clear idea of the firm. Keeping in mind the demands and needs of your trade, you can decide if you want to join RosewoodTrust. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.