Main Sequence announces new Partner to advance its biotech research

Gabrielle Munzer has been promoted to Companion at deep tech venture money agency Main Sequence. Gabrielle will deal with the firm’s renewed emphasis on bringing biotechnology (biotech) investigate to scale in her new role.

Gabrielle has been an integral portion of the Fund’s “Feed 10 Billion People” and “Decarbonise the Planet”problem during her three a long time at Main Sequence, helping in the generation of new companies this sort of as animal-totally free dairy corporation Eden Brew and infinite plastic recycling firm Samsara Eco.

This year, she teamed with UNSW to start Australia’s to start with biotech accelerator programme, SynBio 10x, to aid corporations in accelerating their biotech or artificial biology (SynBio) solution development and commercialisation. 

As Australia embraces international bio-revolution, Gabrielle Munzer, Lover at Most important Sequence, explained to Dynamic Small business, “Australia has a excellent option to develop into a leader in the fields of artificial biology (synbio) and biotechnology. 

“With increased emphasis remaining place on our environmental output and the potential of our earth, we are looking at Australian researchers delve deeper into reimagining the potential of food stuff, agriculture, plastics and much more. 

“But this is just the commencing of exactly where we’re headed. Solving the world’s biggest issues necessitates a lot collaboration, and that is where plans these as our SynBio 10x accelerator turn into so powerful. 

“As our exploration foundation proceeds to grow, the plan serves as a way for us to support the burgeoning artificial biology industry in Australia, aiding to rapid-observe startups in the subject, providing mentorship, infrastructure and funds.”

A $27 billion opportunity

Most important Sequence was launched in Australia in 2017 to cope with the CSIRO Innovation Fund, which was set up by the Australian Authorities and the nationwide science company to reinvest its historic contributions into future triumphs. Primary Sequence’s Fund I and Fund II have invested in 42 firms that are transforming health care shipping and delivery, food output, and house connectivity, between other issues.

Quasar Satellite Technologies, Endua, Eden Brew, and Samsara Eco were being all born from Main Sequence’s Fund II, which noticed the fruition of the firm’s revolutionary Undertaking Science model’s gains. The method will involve deciding on a sizeable world wide obstacle and placing alongside one another a investigate team to deal with it. The firm will keep on to aim on biologically-dependent methods to tackle the world’s most urgent issues via Undertaking Science in its forthcoming Fund III.

With assist from the business neighborhood, CSIRO predicts that SynBio-enabled solutions could have a profound affect on the globe and position Australia for a $27 billion chance that could produce 44 thousand new work by 2040. 

Primary Sequence Founding Lover Phil Morle reported, “Biology and nature’s smallest factors have fashioned the foundation of lots of primary innovations, for instance, the insulin that is utilised for treating diabetes. Today, we’re only scratching the floor of the possibilities biotech and SynBio present. Gabrielle is an essential voice inside of Most important Sequence, pushing the boundaries and unearthing the following generation of breakthrough innovations.

“She brings a one of a kind point of view centered on decades of serving to to inspire leaders and make firms that challenge the way we assume about assuaging the entire world from human damage.”

Scientists could get over some of Australia’s most significant problems with the support of synthetic biology-enabled answers, which have apps in fields such as wellness, agriculture, biosecurity, and the ecosystem. According to CSIRO, by 2040, artificial biology could provide up to $27 billion in annual profits and 44,000 new work for Australia beneath a superior progress, superior marketplace share state of affairs.

This National Artificial Biology Roadmap report, revealed in August 2021, facts the likely gains of artificial biology for Australia and offers strategies for how to speed up the growth, scalability, and commercial success of its takes advantage of.

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