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London Gates Reviews 2021 – How This Broker Manages To Live Up To Our Expectations? (

Trade is the backbone of the world’s economy. Countries around the world depend on the exchange of valuable assets to generate revenue. I am a full-time trader. I’ve been trading as a professional asset manager for a while now and I’ve gotten pretty good at it all thanks to my trading platform of choice which is London Gates. I wasn’t always a full-time trader on the London Gates trading platform. I was completely new to trading altogether when I first started.  I never had access to many reviews of online trading platforms back when I was a beginner since it hadn’t gone mainstream yet. However, nowadays online trading is everything especially considering that it is pitted to replace the old conventional trading system.

Due to a lack of reviews of online trading platforms, I had to test a lot of trading platforms to figure out which was best suited for me as a beginner. My scope wasn’t limited to just a platform that catered to only beginner traders. I knew that trading was my passion and I would eventually have to get access to more tools that only professional platforms hold. I was looking for a trading platform that had options for beginners to introduce them to the trading world and after gaining some experience those users could eventually move up the ranks and upgrade their trading profiles. 

Very few trading platforms offered such amenities since it was difficult to cater to such a diverse user base but there were some verified by the international trade commission which helped me narrow down my search. I would go on to develop the testing model that helped me choose London Gates as my platform of choice. My testing model was based on the aspects that affected me the most as a trader in general. Many of these aspects correlated directly to the factors that define a trading platform. So here are the factors that helped me decide on London Gates as my default trading platform and what exactly made it suitable for me as a beginner and then eventually a full-time trader.

User Experience

I had tried many different trading platforms before this specific platform but most of them didn’t fulfil my requirements or more accurately I didn’t understand how to use them. They had very few details regarding their services and the descriptions available were insufficient. 

The first thing I saw when I opened up London Gates’ official webpage was a welcoming home page that had a very attractive layout. Apart from the appeal of the platform, I found it relatively easy to navigate the web page. It had multiple descriptive pictures that explained the basic services offered and also highlighted the benefits it provided. 

Navigating the Platform

London Gates is an extensive platform that provides services to international customers as well. It is host to multiple regional servers that allow users to access its trading services. The one thing I liked a lot about this platform is that its seamless integration of multiple clickable buttons on its home page without being too intrusive. I was able to notice them but they weren’t actively interrupting my experience. 

The separation of the services offered on the platform in sequential slides was also welcomed since it gave a step by step introduction to the platform. The navigation options to go from the educational section to its sub-sections and back was also very appealing.

The Signup Process

I was able to sign up to the platform a lot quicker than my previous record which was about 2 hours on a different trading platform. My signup process on London Gates was a couple of minutes and it would have been less if I had stuck to the given instructions. And the instructions were quite helpful. They were brief but contained the necessary information I needed to finish a particular step. All in all, it was easy to register for the platform although I would have preferred that they offer more options for phone numbers during the signup process otherwise I have no complaints.

Secure Access

I am completely obsessed with security. If I find even a speck of evidence that a platform compromises on security to cut maintenance cost then I never even visit that platform ever again. Trade is a sensitive profession. Yes, as beginners you may not have a lot of assets under your name but eventually, your profile will grow and you will be the owner of assets worth millions of dollars. So, guarding your account that owns the assets is important. 

I have been trading using London Gates ever since I entered the trading system and up till now, I have yet to experience any significant security breach related to my accounts. I am saying this while acknowledging that I have searched for flaws in this platform for a while but have found none. I am pleased to know that there are trading platforms such as this that existed back when I was a new trader. 

One of my primary security concerns was always third party applications getting access to my personal preferences. London Gates ensured that my data is not accessible to anyone without my permission. They have upheld their promise till now and I expect them to always stick by their word.

Asset Management

Assets are essential for a trading platform. You can’t exactly call it a trading platform if it does not provide every asset available on the open market during trading hours. I’m quite satisfied with the available assets on London Gates. It is very rare for a platform to give its beginner traders complete access to every tradable asset on the platform. That’s actually what I liked about London Gates. It had an unusual inclination towards helping new beginners even though it does host a lot more professionals.  From what I could pick up, the platform is implementing new policies for beginners and I welcome this shift in market trend.

The platform offered all basic assets such as Forex, indices, commodities, company stocks and currencies. The asset that caught my eye however was cryptocurrencies. Crypto has seen a slump in the past few weeks but that was to be expected since it is still a new asset. Analysts predict that crypto will rise again soon and with it, more cryptocurrencies will enter the mainstream marketplace. Having access to an exclusive asset is a good addition to the available tools on the platform.

I do wish the platform offered more cryptocurrency options for trading since it increases a person’s chances when trading in the open market to generate a profit. It would be nice to see the asset manager look into this situation and see if more cryptocurrencies can be approved for trading to offer as many options for traders as myself to practice.

Account Types

When it comes to account diversity, London Gates takes the cup. I knew that many trading platforms were implementing new policies that offered better services to beginners but I would have never thought that a platform that has a mostly professional user base would go so far as to offer a separate account type for new traders. This is a huge deal considering that in the past platforms used to simply add a couple of descriptive boxes to help guide beginners. They never really catered to them. 

The account options available to users includes Self-Managed, Select, Personal, Honours and Wealth Management. The entry-level account known as Self-Managed is the one that is best suited for beginners and is also how I started as a trader. I moved up the ladder and upgraded my account types till I reached Honours. The Wealth-Management account type required accessing the account manager directly and getting a hold of him took a while. I was eventually able to get in contact with him and get invited to the exclusive account type. 

There are still some issues that need to be resolved for beginner accounts on London Gates as well but the very fact that they are available is saying a lot. I believe the issues that do exist right now will eventually be stamped out and to be honest they weren’t as significant as I thought they would be.

Closing Argument

Trading platforms have come a long way in terms of usability but there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out. It isn’t surprising to see issues in different systems since nothing is perfect. Even the conventional trading system retained most of its flaws until its downfall and it was actively used for nearly a century. 

In the end, it is the user who chooses the platform that best suits him or her. I chose London Gates because it offered me the best options that helped me become a full-time trader in very little time. I can’t say the same about others but I did decide on this platform after extensive research and testing multiple trading platforms. I have had an amazing experience in this journey and I wish you well too in your search for the platform that suits you best.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.