Equipment gets old, and there will come a time when you need to replace them. It is even more critical when it comes to industrial equipment. You are not performing at your best if you work with obsolete tools. However, while it is easy to buy new equipment, you still need to dispose of your old one. Here are some tips on how to do it properly. 

Trade them in

An excellent initial move is to organize a trade-in. If you are getting new equipment and your current machinery is not old, you can send it in for trade credits. You can then use the credits for your next purchase. There are some limitations to this approach. First, you have to buy from your old brand. It might not be your best choice. Second, the discount you get will depend on the condition of your old equipment. 

Sell them from scrap

If you want more freedom, sell your old equipment to a recycling center like The price is not the best, but it might be your best choice if the machinery is very old. Contact someone in the recycling center so they can send someone to appraise the equipment. They will likely help with moving it out once they agree, which is one less thing to worry about. This approach is also something you can return to if selling it to others doesn’t work out, so have this option ready in case that happens.

Contact others in the local market

Depending on how well-maintained the equipment is, you might be able to sell it to others in the same industry. Reach out to other companies who might be looking for equipment. However, they will be interested in a discount, so be ready to bargain with them. Don’t try to get the maximum price possible but enough to get some of your initial investment back. You can make it easier by contacting a broker who can do all the heavy lifting for you. You can then focus on buying your new machinery.

Organize an auction 

Another good option is to hold an auction. This approach is best if you want to quickly dispose of a lot of machinery. For example, if you are performing a complete overhaul of your manufacturing plant, quick disposal of your old equipment is necessary. Holding an auction will require a lot of preparation. It would help if you made an announcement several months before to ensure that you will get people to come. They will need to prepare money and know what you have available. Release a catalog of what you are auctioning and minimum bids so attendees can have their money ready. Presentation is also important, so you should have a showroom prepared for the auction and clean your equipment to look its best.

Final thoughts

Properly disposing of your old manufacturing equipment doesn’t have to be complicated. The tips above should help a lot. Then, with the right approach, you should be able to move in with your new tools and equipment without any worries.


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