An Overview of The Factors of Success for New Product Development |  Interaction Design Foundation

There is an urgent need to gain market advantage through business acceleration by prioritizing innovation and growth.  An effective and responsive product creation and development process will play a key part in this opportunity to grow a business.

With the rapid growth of evolving markets and the opportunities that abound across all industries, it is wise to consider the factors that affect the success of introducing a new product in the market that will satisfy the insatiable needs of customers.

What is Product Creation and Development?

Product development is the complete process of delivering a new product to the market or improving an existing one for customers.  It involves product design and other various business considerations to transform a market opportunity into a product available for sale.

Successful product creation and development require an understanding of several variables like customers’ needs and wants, the competitive environment, and the nature of the market while cost, time, and quality are considered in determining what to do to better satisfy customer’s needs.

Critical Product Creation Factors

When you are planning to introduce a new product into the market, consider these factors that will influence the success of your process in new product creation and development:

    Support from the management and every member of the team

One killer product can be successful when there is constant collaboration between multi-skilled individuals in a team.  It may be a challenge to maintain interconnectedness when a business grows because they become more specialized and physically dispersed, but it should be a priority to include input from a range of functions and customers.

With several inputs from members of the team who are exposed to different kinds of customers, you will better understand how your business can fulfill a market need and more efficiently discover how to fulfill your customer’s needs the right way and with the right price that your market will embrace.

There are several ways dispersed teams can collaborate through using the right digital tools like screen sharing, video conferencing, instant messaging, and the like.  Teams that are connected and working together digitally are much more efficient in innovating for product creation at the required speed.

The Right Tools

Whatever technology you are planning to use in introducing your product to the market, it should be compatible and can resonate with your market.  Put your end-user in mind whenever you choose technology for product creation and development.

For example, if you allocated multi-million dollars on software or hardware that is not accessible to small consumers, you may not be able to reach a huge percentage of your market.  That would be a great hurdle that your company would have to deal with.

It is also crucial that you find the right digital tools that can support your efforts as a team to harness creativity in dynamic but efficient ways to assess the progress and viability of your product creation project.  

Configurable tools in defining your progress in each stage of the process will help you optimize and speed up development so that you can complete product development more quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is a treasure that your marketing team should generously share to help the design team and the entire company deliver on all the important aspects of the product creation and development process.

Make sure that data and information from market research and analysis are accessible to all to make each individual in each team of your company have a firm grasp of the progress of your project, your deliverables, and dependencies.

Good knowledge shared reduces mistakes, increases the speed of deliverables, and builds aligned teams in reaching organizational goals.

Support from the Management

The success of a product creation project will need the resources and budget from the management team.  Without the minds of those who can influence your project’s direction the most, it will be futile to propel product development.  Worse, the entire project will collapse.

Market Orientation

An effective market research and market orientation analysis will steer you in identifying your customer’s needs and how you can successfully meet those needs.  Get all the feedback on your product’s prototype because it will help you determine what you need to improve on or remove.  

Take advantage of new opportunities that your customers are embracing and do this with speed in mind.  Producing new and marketable products more rapidly can make the difference between your success or failure in a product creation project. 

A Precise Mix of Culture and Technology

Meet the demands of product creation and development in the most efficient, strategic, and competitive ways possible by using a precise mix of business culture, teamwork, and digital technology tools for a successful product creation project.