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5 Common exclusions in health insurance plans for family

5 Common exclusions in health insurance plans for family

“Family comes together, and family comes first!” – the creed that keeps us all together in India. Considering each family as “one”, the health insurance companies also offer health insurance plans for family. From standard or general plans to premium or platinum, there is something in store to protect the medical needs of every family. There was a time when only a limited number of insurance companies offered health insurance policies to the people. The number of buyers was also confined to a few people. However, the boost in the number of buyers and the awareness that led to the competition in the market has changed the scenario. Today, there are over a dozen companies that are offering a range of health insurance plans for family. 

Every plan lays out several benefits for the customers. The rising competition in the market induces the insurers to offer the best coverages like pre and post hospitalization treatments, coverage for critical illness, domiciliary treatment, day-care treatment costs, ambulance charges, etc. However, there are certain exclusions to health insurance plans for family. To know more, check out the family health insurance plans on Turtlemint, the reliable destination for buying insurance plans. Get all the details, compare the costs and benefits, buy the one that is best suitable for you. 

Exclusions to The Family Health Insurance Plans 

Although every family gets the benefits of every health coverage that are the most vital ones, some diseases and health problems are not covered in the health insurance plans for family. 

  • Pre-existing Medical Conditions 

In most of the standard health insurance plans for family, there is no coverage for pre-existing health problems or medical conditions, except in some special plans. However, insured individuals can either buy this one as an add-on coverage or buy a premium plan that covers this benefit. 

  • Cosmetic Treatments 

Cosmetic treatments like sex-change operations, plastic surgeries, hair transplants, etc. are not included in the standard health insurance plans. Individuals seeking any of these kinds of treatments need to take the expenses on their shoulders. 

  • Alternative Therapies 

In most of the health insurance plans, the insured does not get any coverage against alternative therapies like Ayurvedic, homoeopathic, etc. If the doctor suggests the insured individual to go under any such treatments, he will have to bear the cost. 

  • Dental, Hearing and Vision Therapies 

Any treatment and operations needed for dental conditions, hearing aid, and vision therapies are not a part of the health insurance plans for family. This clause comes into effect also because the elders in the family are most likely to go through such ailments. 

  • Diagnostic Expenses 

The expenses that incur due to regular diagnostics and medical tests. This clause might differ from one plan to the other. So, the insured must always get a clear idea from the concerned authorities of the company. 

  • Treatment Needed Due to Drug Abuse 

If the insured individual is addicted to any kind of drug abuse, alcohol or cigarettes, and needs any treatment for diseases arising from the same will not be covered in the insurance plans. 

  • Self-Inflicted Injuries 

Self-inflicted injuries that arise from suicide attempts, drink and drive incidents, personal injuries, etc., are also not covered in the health insurance plans for family. The insured cannot claim any amount or cost of treatment from the company in these cases. 

Exclusions to health insurance plans will always differ from plan to plan. The customers should neither expect them to be the same nor rely upon rumours about any company. Check the details of the plans from the online website of a reliable insurance broker and compare the quotes. One must always think analytically while buying a health insurance plan for his family.