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Why Should Annuity Plans Be Your Go-To Financial Instrument?


In unprecedented times like these, it is natural to worry about your finances and your future. But the best way to deal with uncertainties and worries is planning your investments right. If you are want to ensure that you can still have a comfortable life even in the later years of your life, one of your options is annuity plans.

What is Annuity?

Put simply, this plan is a way of ensuring that you have a steady flow of income even when you are in the years of your life where you are not working to generate income anymore. A policyholder pays premiums to their insurance provider in their working years, either as regular payments or as a lumpsum. In return, the provider offers pay-outs to the individuals in their retirement years.

Annuity plans are of two types viz. regular and fixed. Depending on you’re the type you chose, you will receive the pay-out. 

How Does Annuity Help You Secure Your Financial Future?

Retirement can look different for everyone. However, most of us will not be earning the same amount as we did in our working years, irrespective of how we chose to spend our retirement. Thus, annuity plans are a lucrative financial decision to make. They offer the assurance of a steady source of income to allow you to spend a more comfortable retirement. 

Your investment decisions and their pay-outs will be based on your income levels in your earning years and your expectations from your retirement plans. Such an investment allows you to envision the kind of resources you may have at your disposal upon retirement, thus letting your plan better.

While there is a risk associated with many investment options, annuity plans are relatively simpler. Your insurance provider may be investing your premiums and thus doing all the work, while you can look forward to the golden years.

Should you opt for Annuity Plans for Post-retirement Years?

If you are planning for your retirement, these plans are a lucrative option to consider. They are relatively stable and are available in various types such as periodic, lumpsum, fixed, variable annuity and more.

Depending on your income and retirement goals, you can talk to your insurance provider or financial planner to figure out which of the plan types suits you best. Once you start investing, you can expect a steady income for your retirement years.