The Vivo V17 Pro comes with almost all the functions that are available on high-end smartphones. This is one of the best mobile phones that are available in the market today with various features that can make your work easy. It comes with innovative features that provide a lot of convenience to the users. Here are some of the major Vivo V17 Pro phone features that you should check out.

One amazing feature of this phone is its virtual keyboard that makes it easy for you to use. The phone has a keyboard with an advanced keypad that works well when you type a message or text. The screen has a high density of fonts that make it very easy for you to navigate.

When you use the GPS technology, you can easily find where you are going. The GPS facility in the phone also helps in finding directions from your current location to your destination. You can also find out different places by typing in the name of the place you want to go to. The virtual keyboard will also give you suggestions when you enter a street address.

Features And Functions

The vivo v17 pro also comes with many different features and functions. Apart from the standard features like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS facility, the phone also comes with a few additional features that are useful for the travellers and busy people. It comes with HTC Sense, which gives you the latest HTC Sense which is available free on the HTC Evo Shift as well. The phone comes with full phone specifications and you will get to know all about this amazing new feature.

Camera Feature

One of the main features of the phone is that it has a micro SD card. This card enables you to add more memory capacity and provides you the facility to store more videos and photos. This is particularly useful if you are using the phone regularly. The phone also has a dual camera feature. The pictures taken with the camera phone can be transferred to the phone and used for viewing and sharing on the web. The HTC Desire HD is also one of the most popular handsets in the market and it also comes with many features.

The Vivo V17 Pro has been designed by HTC and this provides users with the latest mobile phone technology. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of the phone as it also comes with high-quality cameras and other multimedia features. The battery life of the phone is also long enough to give you enough talk time before you need to recharge it. The Vivo V17 Pro provides you with all the power you could ever want in a compact phone.