1. User-friendly platform – Yes, Victoria-Coins user interface is very intuitive and easy to use as compared with other Forex trading platforms available on the market

2. Their support team – Victoria-Coins, goes above and beyond what you expect from an online broker like them. I had a few issues during the onboarding process, but they were quick to respond and resolve any issues that came up. This point is very important for me because when it comes down to forex trading, customer care service is non-negotiable since brokers are always going to be there for you (or not) when things don’t go according to plan in your trades. I can tell without a doubt that they won’t betray my trust as clients by failing us even if it’s the last thing they do.

3. Low Forex trading spreads – Due to many years of positive experience with this broker, I have witnessed how their trading spreads had decreased as time went by, and by now, it’s very low compared to other brokers out there in the market. This point is also important because I’ve heard too many stories about traders getting ripped off by forex brokers due to crazy high-spread costs that are applied on every deal you make using them. The lower your spread is, the more money you’re going to keep for yourself instead of taking it from you!

4. It’s a very safe platform – One of my main concerns when choosing a Forex trading broker was regarding security since I couldn’t afford to lose any of my hard-earned money to scammers. I’ve been trading with them for quite a few years now, and not once have I had an issue regarding their security measures being compromised. It’s very safe to say that the overall design of their platform is encrypted so that no one can get your personal data and use it against you!

5. I liked how flexible their trading platform becomes during the holidays – Many times, people tend to forget about Forex trading platforms and work only when they’re in charge of the market conditions. In this scenario, it’s usually a big mistake because if you don’t keep an eye on your investments even on weekends and holidays (like if you decide to trade while everyone else is out partying at night), chances are that you will have missed out on time frames where profit opportunities can arise due to under-populated trading volumes! I couldn’t stress more about this point because it’s very important for me as a trader to always be there no matter what day of the week it is.

6. Reliable 24/7 Customer Support Service – This is something I’d like to mention since many Forex brokers cannot be reached when you’re in need of them the most. This is not the case with this broker, as their customer support service staff responds promptly and remains available before, during, and after your trades for you to have access whenever needed!

7. Support for 20+ currencies – I’m big on diversity when it comes to my investments, and this broker provides support for a large variety of investment vehicles which include the most popular ones among investors like US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollars, British Pounds and many more!

8. Great trading platform with over 97% winning ratio – It’s very safe to say that they have everything you’d ever need from a Forex broker, including an advanced trading platform with great features like backtesting capabilities so that you can experiment with your strategy before risking any of your live money in the market! Also, their trade execution speed is lightning fast (less than a second) compared to other online brokers out there who take forever to fill up your deals.

9. An overall easy-to-use platform – You can easily make your first trade using this broker within just a few minutes after signing up because the process of getting signed up is quick and simple. Also, their support staff will be there for you if you need any help with anything regarding trading since they’re always eager to give out free advice!

10. Overall, it’s been my best year yet thanks to them – Throughout the years I’ve been trading with them, I’ve never seen myself making consistent profits like now! It feels very nice being able to sit back on your couch and watch your investments grow into something bigger than yourself! I know many people may think that Forex Trading is a risky investment option, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can turn out to be your best year yet!

11. Victoria-Coins provides excellent levels of support – One thing that makes me keep coming back to this broker for all my Forex trading needs is the high level of customer support they provide when you need them the most. You may lose a few bucks on a failed trade every now and again, but never fear because their wonderful staff will be there for you to help you make better decisions in the future!

12. Their reports are always filled with useful info – I like it when I get detailed information about how my trades have performed over time instead of just getting one big number at the bottom, which could tell me nothing about what happened during each day of trading. They share these statistics with you as soon as your next trade is completed so that you have a better understanding of the factors that caused your profit or loss.

13. It offers 24/7 market access – Unlike traditional stockbrokers, this online broker has extended its services to around-the-clock trading in many different time zones all over the world! Just because I’m from Los Angeles doesn’t mean I can’t make trades whenever people are doing business in New York or Tokyo. This opens up new opportunities for more profit and less loss!

14. It has a good reputation for a reason – This is one of the only brokers out there that can be trusted to do what they say, and I personally trust them because I’ve had many positive experiences with them throughout the years!

15. It has one of the lowest fees among brokers – The customer service staff are always by your side to help you make more profitable trades because they don’t want you losing out on any opportunities to grow your money! They also have great educational materials that teach you everything from how to stay away from scams, what things you should avoid doing while trading, and more!

16. You will never get lost in their website’s navigation menu – If you’re trying to navigate around their website, it’s very easy for anyone who has used a computer before since all of the links is clearly labeled and color-coded so that there is little chance of getting lost during your online experience with them!

17. They do not over-complicate the things – I hate it when a broker makes everything seem like a big mystery, but Victoria-Coins manages to strike a good balance between making their platform easy to use for beginners and keeping in mind how more advanced users would want certain features available to them.

18. It is very well known throughout the world – This means that you’re able to trade with millions of traders from different countries and cultures all around the globe! You also won’t have any trouble finding people who speak your native language since they offer several different languages which are translated manually by real human beings, unlike some other companies out there that simply robotically use Google Translate or something similar.

Victoria-Coins isn’t all perfect.

It has some drawbacks as well. 

  • It doesn’t accept traders less than 18 years old.
  • They do not offer any kind of demo account. 
  • There is no free trial version to trade with your live money, just like with other brokers.
  • The minimum deposit is $200 – It’s not a very high barrier to entry, but certainly something that will deter newbie traders. This is a good thing for experienced traders who are looking for a broker with higher requirements who can offer better bonuses and incentives once you invest enough money in their company.  
  • Support staff available only during working hours – This time constraint isn’t too bad if you’re an active trader, but it could be frustrating for the occasional investor who just wants to check on his or her portfolio from time to time.   Other than those few cons, I think this Forex broker is one of the best there is out there right now!

Overall, This broker is great as it has made me a better trader today. I have learned the in and out of Forex by having an account with them. This broker is really great for all amateur traders and even those who are professionals. The only drawback or concern regarding this broker is their diversity to add more languages, but as a whole, this brokerage firm has been very instrumental in helping me do well in the market.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.