Free Recharge Tricks - Earn Daily Free Mobile Recharge

Mobile recharges are one of our major monthly expenses. Saving a portion of that money is not a small thing. That is why we need to plan and research a little before we invest our money in any scheme. Below, some ways to save our money while recharging the mobile are discussed.

  1. Know About the Best Plan

Whenever we recharge our mobiles, the server automatically recommends us many plans, and we select one of them without doing further research. The server usually suggests costly plans to us. If we want to save our money, then thorough research on all the plans for our service provider is needed. Only then we can understand what is best for us and which schemes we actually need. For example, if we make many outgoing calls, we must opt for free calling schemes, and if we use the internet, then we should look for the best data plans. Thus we will be able to utilize our spend money fully. 

  1. Full Talk Time Schemes

Most people recharge a small amount of schemes to save their money. But it actually is wasting a significant portion of our money. On any 20 to 50 Rs. recharge, the service providers cut service tax that is almost 5 to 9 Rs. But in cases of higher amounts like 300 to 500 Rs recharge, they give full talk time. These schemes are to encourage us to recharge with higher prices. If we calculate accurately, recharging with a higher amount is actually profitable to all. 

  1. Online recharging

Now we have many applications and online sites that let one recharge their mobile through online banking. We get many deals and attractive discounts on those sites and applications. For example, in Airtel Payments Bank, the user receives credit coins on each purchase; they can use those coins to recharge their mobiles. On every 1 Rs purchases, one coin is offered. Airtel Payments Bank Helps You Save Money with Its Offers.

In other applications such as Paytm, they offer many cashback offers. On the first recharge, the customer gets 50 Rs cashback. In Mobikwik, a customer gets 15% cashback on each scheme. GooglePay gives scratch cards one every recharge. One can get upto a 20% discount on recharging with online banks. Shopping vouchers, coupons, and other gift cards are also available on online recharge that save a lot of money.

  1. Shared Plans

Now we can also share our plans with many users. If we think we are not able to utilize the benefits of our purchased scheme fully, then we can share it with our friends and family. But to share a plan, they must have the same operator. Thus sharing a plan and sharing the recharge amount is very beneficial for the users.So these are a few tips and tricks to save one’s money while recharging their mobile. We get many benefits with mobile recharges; we have to give a little more effort to find the best plan for us.