With so many trading platforms available online, it can be hard for traders to find a good one. And with so many options comes gazillions of scams too.

There is no doubt that this is a very lucrative business, so it has attracted many greedy people as well. This means you have to be extra careful while choosing your trading platform because there are many fraudulent Forex firms online too. You can’t trust the fake scammers blindly; therefore, you must understand fully how their business works before you trade with them.

There are false advertisements that are making rounds on the internet. Due to this, many new traders are getting lured by scam brokers and losing their hard earned money. The sad fact is that many brokers don’t even know what they are doing! They are just running a business in the hope of earning some quick money without any obligation to help you win…

If you want the best trading experience online, then there are a few things that you must consider before choosing your broker. This way, you will choose a reputable Forex Broker who is going to make sure that personal information and assets are safe with them at all cost.

You must know that, the Forex trading platforms are not like other businesses where you can just walk in and start to trade right away. Many Forex traders trust Mytradingcollege as it is one of the most reliable online firms for Forex trading.

In this article, I’ll review MyTradingcollege’s platform and tell you how you can make a good trading strategy that will help you consistently win at online forex trading. The first thing that I noticed about Mytradingcollege was that the trades are extremely transparent.

When I started getting into trading I had recently lost my job so I was looking for a way to make money at home and that is how I came across with MyTradingCollege. I thought it was a hoax but I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the platform and signed up for a demo account. I started with 1000 USD virtual money to test it out but later I decided to make a deposit of 200$ real money into my trading account. I have been trading since May 2016 and so far I am happy with the results.

After a long run of experience with this platform, I am at a place where I think I can write a review on it. What I will be covering here is how you can use this program to achieve success. Let me start by saying that trading is a skill that one has to develop over time, it’s not something where you can just buy a robot and make money right away. However if you are an experienced trader who wants to know more about Mytradingcollege or an absolute beginner in Forex trading and wants to set up a new account, I hope this review can help you.

Customer Service:

To judge any trading platform, I think how that platform offers its customer service should be on the top of the list while evaluating. Because to make a profitable trading strategy is not hard, but it’s really hard to do it on a continuous basis and in any condition. And for this, customer service matters a lot. When we talk about the Mytradingcollege platform, then I will start by saying that they have a great customer support department. Their customer service doesn’t only includes common methods such as emailing, chatting, and calling but is even broader than that. And for security concerns, they provide a 2FA authentications system with Google Authentication.

They know how to make their customers happy by giving them top-notch customer service. There weren’t such incidents where I needed help but if there were, the representatives took care of them instantly upon contacting them. I loved using the live chat option because it was fun and learnable experience to communicate with real people and not robots.

They always have the open door for their customers because they want you to succeed online by making profit from your trading activities. I haven’t heard of scammers from this website which is really good news for me because I keep losing my money when signing up on other websites.

The Mytradingcollege platform has set up a support system that is available 24hours a day and 7 days a week. They are taking all complaints from traders very seriously and dealing with them as fast as possible. In most cases, a trader will receive an answer to their questions within 24 hours. The support staff is located at different places around the world and this allows them to provide support in different time zones with more efficiency, which is available from 9am-5pm (EST) Monday – Friday. 

As a Trading Platform: Outlook, Charts, and tools

The outlook of the platform is simple, intuitive with a lot of informational and analytical instruments. It allows you to trade in the currency market cost-effectively without stress. The choice depends on your risk appetite as an investor and your knowledge level about trading.

I liked how they used light colors for their theme of the webpage as it helps us to understand the page easily. The content provided on the webpages are very user friendly. I like how they made their webpage simple to use and easy to navigate through the tabs provided on the side of this page. The graphics shown in this website are also good as it shows how we can simplify the process of trading by starting with a small amount of funds and then increase them gradually after winning big during trading.

MyTradingcollege for me is a place where traders established themselves as they are going to promote our business worldwide and I am really happy with it. Truly, when we first have an experience in their trading platform, we are amazed with the amazing charting. On top of it, you can also see real-time chart images for both short-term and long-term charts. In addition to that, they also provide Forex news every day which is updated real time. You will never be disappointed by the way their trading engine, as they are very transparent and efficient. The system of Mytradingcollege could be better if there will be real time quotes from different banks. Mytradingcollege does not have access to the data from the different banks, but that is not a big challenge as we can still learn how to use it for our advantage.

MyTradingcollege really had a positive impact on my trading because they help us grow and through learning, we will know how to trade our way. They are very fast in doing their business transactions, so for me, it was a very quick alternative for my needs. They had the best features that I could ever want and they never disappoint me in any of these things. MyTradingcollege is a very straightforward Forex broker that has many strong points among which are great bonus offers, low spreads, good leverage options, mobile apps with live streaming, etc…

Educational Center:

The education center available on this platform is astounding. There are educational videos about Forex trading, news, and tips on the current market situation, useful articles for every level of experience. The trading course is available in modules with practical assignments on how to keep a trading journal and real-time actionable strategies for profitable trading. For beginners, there are additional special training courses that can be completed when the trader reaches a certain level of trading experience.

Mytradingcollege trading platform has also managed to bring together top leading experts in the Forex field as well as professional traders, who will answer any questions you might have about the currency exchange market. They offer an online chat that is always available and is designed in such a way that it can be used without any technical problems. Forex traders can also use a toll-free phone number to get answers to their questions about the market in real-time.

Safety and Security:

The safety of your money and your transaction process with us is beyond question.

Mytradingcollege Forex trading platform was created with great attention to detail on security and privacy. Their mission is that its clients feel safe when they trade, thus they offer the best possible support and protection. At Mytradingcollege you can make all of the transactions via SSL encryption, the safety mechanism is also equipped with one-time passwords. There are many ways how to make deposits and withdrawals: through MasterCard, Visa card.

My Final Thoughts:

Mytradingcollege is one of the best Forex trading websites because it has a lot of advantages: online live demonstrations of how to use forex, good instructional material, videos and articles that help to apply the knowledge, and excellent customer service. It also has the easiest way to sign up; all you need is your email address and then you can open an account while using your personal computer. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.