Qué tengo que estudiar para ser un buen trader? | BBVA

Knowing the basic steps is very essential at trading. People who are trying to develop their career in the Forex market has a lot to take. Unless they are ready to push themselves to the extreme limit, they can’t become a successful trader. The rookies are always trying new different things and trying to earn a huge amount of money just to change their life. But this is not the case for the elite traders in Hong Kong. They are disciplined and they know the exact steps required to take trades in this industry. Today we will teach you the basic steps which can make you a great trader.

Analyzed the price dynamics

You have to analyze the price dynamics from scratch. Unless you do the proper analysis of the market data, it will be a challenging task to overcome the big issues. By studying the periodic price movement of the financial instrument, a trader can easily change their life and look for the better setups. When you study the price dynamics, make sure you are relying on the momentum of this market. Ignoring the momentum can put you in uncomfortable situations.

Learn to find a great broker

Finding a great broker is a part of your trading job. Learn more about the offered features of Saxo and you will know what it takes to become a great broker. As you start taking the trades with the elite broker, you will soon feel comfortable with the approach and this should give you strong willpower to take this profession to the next step. As you know about the essence of this industry, you will slowly start to build up the career from scratch.

Learn about the basic indicators

You must be learning about the basic indicator since they will give you a powerful solution to open the trades’ at the most critical times. Learning about the basic tool is easy and fun. Open a paper trading account and start testing different kinds of techniques. Soon you will realize, how you should be opening the trades with the help indicators. Learn to tweak the values in the indicator so that you can adjust it to get the best results from the most complex market.

Learn about the major chart pattern

You have to study the major chart pattern to build your confidence level. The chart pattern traders are able to execute random trades just by knowing the most important sector. Once you start utilizing the price pattern, you will be able to execute quality trades. Most people don’t have the skills to deal with such a major price pattern and they eventually lose money. Follow your gut instant and you should be able to develop a perfect edge that can help you to curate the best setups in the world.

Learn money management technique

You should be learning different techniques to manage risk. If you fail to manage the risk profile in a strategic way, it will be an easy task to improve your skills over the period of time. As you get used to the core concept of trading, you slowly know why money management is so important to the retail trader. Without getting hold of this risk management factor, you should not be expecting to become a professional trader. If you do so, you are making the biggest mistake in your life. You have to strategic with the approach as it is the only way by which you can improve the skills.


Follow this guide to change your life. Stick to the rules and know about this industry. Soon you will realize trading is not as tough as it seems. As you get skilled with the approach, you be taking the quality trades with great ease and this will change things in the fastest possible way.