For a long time, internet trading has been a part of the mainstream. 2020 was one of the finest years for this business, as strange as it may sound. In a scenario where most individuals were confined to their houses, they needed to find other ways to make money.

As a result, many people have turned to online trade. The last time there was such a surge in interest in this business was in 2008. It’s interesting how a worldwide crisis can push people to venture outside of their comfort zones. Many people reinvented themselves as traders as a result of this web of events.

Many others have also noticed this trend and have chosen to start their own brokerages. InfinityCapitalG is one of them, and today I’ll take a deeper look at what this new brokerage has to offer.

InfinityCapitalG was formed by industry professionals who wanted to build their own brokerage that would address many of the difficulties that traders encounter, according to the official story. This is a big assertion, and I wanted to see whether it was true. I will try to look at it from both beginner and experienced trader viewpoints to see who can profit from this strategy.

What Are Some Of The Other Tools?

There are other tools that the average trader will find extremely useful as well: For example: they provide their users with access to professionally written articles on how to make money trading; most of these eBooks were written by actual professionals in an effort to help people like you avoid making common mistakes on the market.

What Was It Like To Use This Platform When I First Started?

One of the things about InfinityCapitalG platform is that they offer free eBooks to their members.  This is very important for people like me because I really had no idea where to start when it came to trading online. Now, I feel more confident than ever. And not only did this training help me learn a lot, but also it was extremely useful in helping me get rid of my fear when it comes to investing on the global markets.

If you decide that you want to invest with them as an individual trader then you’ll first need to make sure that your account qualifies! And if it does, then you will be eligible for all kinds of extra benefits.

But don’t feel like you have to go alone because there are some awesome training opportunities available for free that will teach you everything you need to know to be successful with them.  

I found the eBooks on their website extremely helpful, especially since they were professionally written by people who actually knew what they’re talking about.  This made it easier for me to get a full understanding of how InfinityCapitalG works and how it can help me achieve my financial goals.  

What Are Some Of The Drawbacks In Using This Platform?

One of the drawbacks I’ve found with InfinityCapitalG is that they’re not available in the USA.  This means that there are people like me who can’t use their services.

Why Would I Choose To Work With An Online Broker Like InfinityCapitalG?

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose to work with an online broker like this one.  One of the main things that they offer is risk management, which is important to me because it allows me to spread my investment portfolio over several different market sectors.  As a result, this has helped me manage losses in other areas where some profits may be made.

Another reason I chose to go with them was their customer service; this company offers 24/7 support [which is really helpful for someone like me because I tend to check on my accounts at all hours.] One thing about investing online is that you never know when you’re going to experience a problem with your system.  As a result, the fact that I can call InfinityCapitalG at any time of day and receive assistance is very important to me.

Quality of Service

Providing educational information on an internet trading website has long been a contentious issue among traders. Many say that it is worthless because there is so much free information on the internet, while others view it as an excellent opportunity to build trust with their customers. The latter category includes InfinityCapitalG. They take it a step further by dividing their information into two sections.

The first can be accessed at any moment by anybody. You can use the Glossary, eBooks, and asset index without creating an account. When you do decide to commit, the account type you choose determines how much extra you get.

Let’s start with the free content. This is mostly designed for beginners in order for them to grasp the basics. A glossary is a sort of dictionary that you may use to look up common trading terms. The asset index tells you what assets you may trade and when, and the eBooks offer you a basic and intermediate introduction to various trading methods.

Paid material, on the other hand, is intended for intermediate and advanced traders. You will be provided with both passive and active assistance that you may apply to enhance your earnings. Daily market evaluations, a dedicated senior account manager, and webinars are among the most basic.

Trading signals, financial and risk management planning, trade room analysis, special venture promotions, private analyst sessions, and much more are among the more advanced features. Make sure to check out the account type page to see which tier is appropriate for your requirements, goals, and budget. The account levels at InfinityCapitalG start at €250 and go up to €50,000+ to Invitation only account.

Speed of Response

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever used an internet service, you’ve probably run across some little or significant difficulties. This is when you’re completely reliant on customer service, and you realize how crucial this sector is. Because they may be expensive to run, especially if you have a multi-lingual company, many brokerages choose to skip them entirely. InfinityCapitalG, fortunately, does not fall under this category.

There are several communication methods available, and strangely, they are all as effective. The live chat function was perhaps the biggest surprise for me. It is not managed by a machine that just refers you to the FAQ page, but rather by a real human.

This option is now only accessible in English and German, but I’ve been informed that support for additional languages will be added shortly. If you don’t have time to chat, send an email using the on-page form or your chosen email software. You may expect a response within an hour, which is far faster than I expected. You may also contact them directly by phone.

You may pick from three different contact centers depending on your location: Australia, the United Kingdom, or Austria. You can virtually guarantee a pleasant exchange and a speedy remedy to any issue you throw their way because all three are run by polite and professional people.

Transaction Speed

When it comes to trading platforms, InfinityCapitalG does not use industry-standard solutions; instead, it adopts a unique approach. This is where the idea of “made by traders for traders” begins to make sense. InfinityCapitalG has developed a web-based platform that is feature-rich while outperforming nearly all competitors in terms of performance. Let’s take a deeper look at each feature individually.

The platform as a whole is highly user-friendly. You’ll be able to browse through every element of it with ease. All accessible assets are split into various categories on the left, including Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto, and Commodities. Each asset has a tiny preview window with the purchase and sell prices, as well as the total performance since the previous session.

After you’ve made your choice, you’ll be able to interact with the real-time performance monitor on the right. You may use a variety of tools to do your own research. Granted, the toolkit isn’t as extensive as Meta Trader’s, but you’ll be able to do the most of tasks using the tools given.

To produce and evaluate market movements, tools such as the Elliott 3 line and Fibonacci are available. You have complete flexibility to develop, test, and implement any trading strategy you choose. Performance is not affected by the number of tools you use, and the platform maintains its speed and efficacy at all times.

Finally, there are several shortcuts on the left that allow you to fund your account, explore your open or closed positions, and even contact support from within the platform, allowing you to stay engaged for longer.

There are no hidden costs because all of these are very common in the business. We can certify that there have been no mischiefs committed. This is critical for any brokerage, especially at such an early age, in order to establish trust.

Variety of Payment Methods

All of the common payment options are accepted by InfinityCapitalG. Credit cards, bank wire transactions, and Bitcoin transfers are all options. When you make a deposit, everything happens quickly. When it comes to withdrawals, the situation varies based on the choice you select.

Withdrawals are instantaneous when using Bitcoin transfer. If you choose to use a bank-related method, you may encounter certain difficulties. This varies by bank, and InfinityCapitalG has no influence on it. Some banks have specific policies in place, so always check with your bank first to see what you’re getting yourself into.


To wrap up my InfinityCapitalG review, I must express my gratitude for the positive experience I had. After witnessing everything, I realized that they were able to keep their word and deliver on their promise. Everything revolves around the traders, and every choice has steered this brokerage in the correct path.

Because changes in the online trading sector occur seldom, this breath of fresh air is especially enticing to newcomers who have previously regarded this industry to be complex and difficult to enter. By making trading more accessible and even enjoyable, InfinityCapitalG has managed to level the playing field for everyone.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.