B2B and B2C Business Database

There are two macro database groups subpart for sending emails in the world of email marketing.

The B2B or B2C (Business to Consumer) can be a database. A database can be created.

Of example, the first difference is the type of contact in the database: the B2B is accounted for business contacts, while the B2C includes contacts of natural persons.

The choice of one depends on your product or brand’s objective. The various information we can provide to the two different types of connections also differ significantly.

Types of Database

B2B Database

The B2B Database may contain profiling by category of product, revenue, amount, type of employee, information of employees, names, emails of business and the geo-location of business contact numbers and any information which may be an attribute aspect in a company over the other.

The consistency of classification that can help us to understand whether or not a database is valid

Even in this situation, however, common sense is reaching the help, for example that it is not trivial for corporate companies, but a data base that offers 25 000 client contacts is not very secure till the process including data cleansing, data reconciliation and HLR lookup for contact numbers is finished.

B2C Database

The B2C databases give us information about the end-user, such as age, Gender, number of children present, preferences and all the data which enables us to know whether and how much interaction the recipient can consider relevant. Data of this kind can mostly be obtained in two ways:

If, for example, you register for a maternity site, give your approval to receive commercial communications, you will receive messages on this subject. You are registered with a site with a motherhood topic.

With the sub segmentation of the database, you can understand how much the same topic is interested in another industry; in this case, you are going to send an email to the contacts that are interested in this field, as regular email marketing.

Things you should know, When Buying B2B Database 

Inaccurate data costs companies billions of dollars each year, particularly marketing and sales teams, as they change businesses frequently.

Data Quality

B2B marketers are cited as the lead quality as their biggest challenge according to American Marketing Association Marketing Survey 80%.

So, you have to check the cleansing process of the service provider while buying the database to ensure that data quality is maintained.

We consider the following process to ensure that the quality database is available

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Reconciliation
  • HLR Lookup

Data Cleansing

Data cleansing recognizes and rectifies inexact information, table or database. This means the monitoring, restoration, redesigning or deletion of unfinished, unlikely, inaccurate, or irrelevant data

Data Reconciliation

The verification phase in which the target data is compared to the original source data can be established during a process of data reconciliation.

Email Checks with other best email verifying tools and mails over the last email check, to prevent bounce rates, remove invalid email ids.

Sample Data

When buying a vendor database, you are always asked for sample data to test the contacts and verify it. I recommend that you ask for information from a known brand that can be analyzed on your own, and you can proceed with the purchase of the information. if you find it good. Best Data Provider offer you the 10-15 sample data for testing purposes in Excel or CSV file format.

Direct Support Assistance

When you look for service provider consider the vendor who can provide you with both direct support assistance overall a call or chat support or through email support by submitting the query on the contact form.


The B2B databases are generally more accurate than those of the B2C since they are less unreliable because of public information, it is clear that we have businesses with vendors that operate in good faith. In fact all the privacy and data management mandates are fully considerate.

Interest is not an objective importance, because a site registration does not necessarily imply that a true identity of the individual was declared; instead, data in the public domain are the attributes of a firm.

Therefore, the aim is to update and maintain the database appropriately. If you need more information about the database and perhaps we can explain the database that best suits your job, please connect with us for a nice chat.

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