6 of the Best/Worst Rebrands of All Time

The visuals that comprise a company’s branding have a body weight beyond words. Superior branding can express trustworthiness, goodwill, nostalgia – any selection of good concepts and emotional responses. Negative branding, on the other hand, can make a great company seem incompetent, dated, or out-of-touch. Typography, coloration, variety, texture and area all function collectively, for superior or poor, to set up this key component of brand name messaging. 

Although there is no established scientific formulation that defines what “good” or “bad” are in branding, we do have the collective advantage of documentation outlining sure amazing wins and fails in branding. From these instances, we can glean a better being familiar with of what is effective – and what doesn’t. Devoid of further more ado:

THE Good:

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut rebrand before and after

Under no circumstances undervalue the electrical power of nostalgia. In the 1980s and 1990s, Pizza Hut was the epitome of great. They experienced the own pan pizzas. They had the Guide-It. They experienced the freaking Ninja Turtles. And they experienced stellar branding and a tremendous-amazing symbol that was originally intended in the 1960s. That emblem went by the wayside through a rebrand in 1999, and the company’s subsequent string of alternative logos, alongside with the restaurant’s reputation, had been met with declining desire.

Recently, and maybe principally thanks to Stranger Matters, Pizza Hut resurrected its traditional symbol (with minimal alterations), and virtually, no one particular is complaining. The pink roof is not a substitution, for each se, but is currently being employed in tandem with the 2014 circle logo as of late 2019. 



Instagram rebrand before and after

The snippy-snappy photo app was initially well-known among the individuals who longed for the previous (and a way to get away from their mother and father on Fb), capitalizing on innovative filters that emulated fuzzy analog film. Becoming released exclusively on iOS at the height of the skeuomorphism application icon period, Instagram’s symbol highlighted an previous university camera (for the reason that what else would you take pics with on your extravagant $800 alarm clock?).

In 2016, as they commenced to introduce new features to the application, they swapped around to a a great deal extra minimal icon that felt futuristic and hip at the identical time. In the beginning, a ton of folks hated the significant adjustment, but we experience it has stood the test of time. The model is now adaptable and in a position to grow with the company as opposed to remaining locked into 2010.


Chobani rebrand before and after

Jordan and Pippen. Peanut Butter and Jelly. The font Papyrus and any beachfront business enterprise. Some pairings are timeless and aren’t at any time heading absent. Similarly, a stark, sans-serif font with some wonky lettering paying homage to the Parthenon’s inscriptions virtually Normally go with nearly anything “Greek”. Greek dining establishments, Greek parties, and in particular, Greek yogurt.

Chobani switched this up in 2017 as Greek yogurt began to move into vogue. But this wasn’t just “GREEK” yogurt. It was Greek “YOGURT.” Yogurt is wholesome and promotes intestine wellness, appropriate? By incorporating a warm and cozy green, plucky illustrations, and a chunky serif, Chobani successfully refreshed a brand name that would go on to cover a assortment of products.

THE Negative:


Gap rebrand before and after

Sure to leading every Worst Rebrand Record is the Gap’s branding are unsuccessful. Only a week later, the Gap reverted to their authentic design and style, the legendary symbol of 24 many years. Seldom has the internet reacted with so significant a maelstrom of fury than they did in 2010 when the chunky sans-serif blue secret-square appeared for the initially time. Julie Weiner of Self-importance Honest described the new emblem as the “despised image of corporate banality,” in a 2010 post. Shortly following the furor, Hole adjusted back again to its authentic symbol, leaving everybody to speculate if it was a legit rebrand or a PR stunt. 



Sears rebrand before and after


CEO: “Here’s the deal. Our holdings flatlined in 2006 and commenced on a 10-year-cataclysmic nosedive in 2010. Does everyone have any thoughts how to fix this?”

VP OF BRANDING: “…We could insert a rocket ship icon subsequent to our symbol?”

CEO: “Approved.”



Tropicana rebrand before and after

The late 2000s were being a great time for rebranding. Social media was using off, which meant there have been new strategies, each organic and paid, to get your new brand name out there. Nonetheless, the same was legitimate back then as it is right now — don’t alter just to alter.

Don’t pivot just for the reason that you see other people pivoting.

Whilst currently being “twitterpated” by the options a new model could convey, Tropicana dropped a great deal of the character and persona that persons had appear to respect and enjoy. This was a little something that tens of millions of people today saw sitting down on their kitchen area table each early morning. So numerous folks experimented with to jam a straw into an orange, allured by the claims on that carton – and now all of it was just… long gone. In Tropicana’s circumstance, they learned Extremely quickly that they should not improve.

As it turns out, there is one thing that rhymes with orange. It is “20% drop in income.” A mere two months soon after the rebrand, PepsiCo switched back to the previous packaging and advertisements.


Some manufacturers who didn’t really make the record, but are entitled to the deficiency-luster title of—


Very good:

Volkswagen (2019)
Mailchimp (2018)


Animal World (2012)
New Coke (1985)


New Amsterdam -> New York

As you can see, there is more to a very good visual identity than satisfies the eye! We hope you savored this enjoyment appear via some breathtaking branding situations, which illuminate not only the usefulness of aesthetics, but also the power of public notion! 


Prepared for some thing funky-refreshing?

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